Hospice Care

Why Magna Hospice?



We are a locally owned and operated hospice agency, We are your neighbors! We have a unique knowledge and understanding of the local support and service agencies available to assist you because we live where you live.


We use a broad spectrum of specialists, including physicians, nurses, aides and counselors specially trained in hospice care. With such a diversity of experience, you will receive the very best care in the hospice industry.


Magna Home Health Care Hospice has a unique organizational structure. There aren't multiple layers of bureaucracy standing between the client, their family, caregivers, and our executive management. That means we can be responsive, adaptive, and creative in meeting your unique needs. It also means that you shouldn't be surprised when one of our Directors calls to see how things are going.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a special kind of care designed to provide sensitivity and support for people in the final phase of a terminal illness. Hospice is not giving up, it is changing the focus of care to enhance quality of life. Hospice works with terminally ill patients and their families to increase function and comfort and to assist with mental and spiritual preparation for this stage of life. Hospice helps to alleviate the fears associated with dying, allowing patients to die with dignity in a way that enhances the beauty and meaning of life and death, for them and their families. Hospice services offer palliative care (to manage symptoms, not to cure). Hospice does not seek to hasten death nor to prolong life beyond reasonable measures. What hospice really does and what medicine by itself does not yet provide, is help for the human soul as it prepares for the end of life. Hospice provides medical, social, emotional and spiritual support to comfort the dying person and his/her family. Services are delivered through the participation of an interdisciplinary group of highly trained and qualified healthcare professionals.

Who Pays for Hospice?

Patients who are eligible for the Medicare hospice benefit are covered 100% for hospice services, some drugs, medical equipment, related supplies, and respite care. Most health insurance policies now include hospice benefits. Care is provided based on need, regardless of ability to pay.

Where is Hospice Care Provided?

Our belief is that quality care should be provided in the security of familiar surroundings, where the clients feels most comfortable. Magna Hospice provides services to clients in their homes, long-term care settings or hospitals.


What Services are Provided at Magna Hospice?

Magna Hospice is patient and family centered and utilizes a team approach to care. All Magna Hospice care providers are skilled professionals who listen carefully, take the necessary time to answer questions, teach family members how to provide effective physical and emotional care, and offer as much support as desired. This multidisciplinary team consists of:
- Patient and Family
- Patient's Physician
- Hospice Physician
- Registered Nurses
- Social Workers
- Spiritual/Bereavement Counselors
- Home Health Aides
- Volunteers

Who is Eligible for Hospice Care?

Hospice Services may be provided to patients who:

- Have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with a prognosis of six months or less, if the disease follows its normal course.

- Are aware of their condition and are willing to receive palliative therapies with a focus on providing physical, emotional and spiritual support.

- Live within the Magna Hospice geographical counties of Osage, Washington, Rogers, Creek, Wagoner, Okmulgee, Muskogee, and Tulsa.

How do I refer to Hospice?

Referrals can be made to Magna Hospice by any medical professional, community resource, family member, friend, or patient by contacting us at (918)806-0281. Upon receiving request for services, we will consult with the patient, family and primary care physician to assess whether hospice care is appropriate and desired. Services are provided without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability or diagnosis.

How Do I Volunteer?

Please visit our Volunteer page! We would love to accommodate you!

Our primary concern is for the patient and family. A Magna Hospice team member will, at the request of a patient or their physician, make a home visit to determine a patient's eligibility for hospice care or to simply provide further information.