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ADvantage Program

The goal of ADvantage is to keep you in your own home as independent as possible for as long as possible. This page outlines the benefits of the ADvantage Program, a SoonerCare long term benefit. For many, ADvantage is a good alternative to other long term care options like nursing homes. Nearly 50,000 Oklahomans have received ADvantage in-home care.

ADvantage Service Plan

First, you and your Case Manager will write an ADvantage Service Plan just for you. You will receive a copy of your plan which can be changed as quickly as your needs change.

SoonerCare funds are used to provide services to meet your basic care needs at home. A Case Manager coordinates those services to assure they are beneficial and appropriate. Services that are already provided by family, friends or other organizations will not be replaced, nor will 24-hour care be provided. Services will be limited to those that meet your basic needs and will not be continued if you are unable to remain safely at home.

The ADvantage program is Medicaid funded and administrated by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Aging Division. The program serves seniors age 65 and older and adults with physical disabilities age 21 and older. It allows members to receive services in their homes. Some of the services available through this program include:​

  •   Case Management

  •   Personal Care

  •   Home Delivered Meals

  •   Prescriptions

  •   Specialized Medical Equipment and supplies

  •   Skilled Nursing

The ADvantage program does not provide 24-hour care, and you must be able to remain safely in your home. For many, ADvantage is a good alternative to other long-term care options like nursing homes.

Advantage Program: Services
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