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We Need Volunteers!

How You Can Help

Volunteers are the heart of Magna Hospice and make a vast difference to the patients and hospice staff. After the required training, volunteer may choose to work in one of the following capacities:

  • Direct Patient Volunteers serve as a friend to the patient and family offering support and encouragement. Probably the most meaningful part of that support is in respite care when a volunteer sits with the patient while the caregiver takes a break to attend to personal needs. Direct patient volunteers may also run errands for the family or simply lend a supportive, compassionate, listening ear.

  • Bereavement Volunteers work with the bereavement team in providing grief support to the surviving family members after the patient's death. 

  • Support Volunteers work in the hospice office and performs clerical tasks such as answering the phone, filing, or assisting with bulk mailing. 

  • Professional Volunteers such as nurses or counselors volunteer their professional services.


  1. Volunteers must be receptive to all aspects of the hospice concept and necessity of confidentiality

  2. The volunteer should be able to provide his or her own transportation.

  3. All direct and bereavement volunteers must complete the volunteers training program.

  4. Volunteers are asked to submit logs on a bi-weekly basis, documenting their contacts with patients and families.

  5. Volunteers are expected to wear their hospice name tag when volunteering.

  6. No volunteer will visit a patient while under the influence of alcohol. 

Want to inquire more about volunteering? Call us today at (918)459-5073 or stop for a visit.

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