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Developmental Disabilities

We demonstrate that individuals should be more than just receivers of community services. Our innovative team welcomes you as a partner and full participant. Through our Assisted Living service, individuals living at home with their parents or guardians receive support from our professionally trained in-home HTS staff. Our caring HTSs evaluate, assist, supervise and train individuals on a one-on-one basis in daily living skills, self-care, and community living. The level of support may vary from several hours a week to several days a week, depending on the need of the individual.

Developmental Disabilities: Services

Supported Living

Supported Living individuals live in houses or apartments with one or two live-in companions to provide the highest quality of care and independence. We arrange for a choice in housing, location, roommates, and staff members to work with the individual. Personal needs such as living expenses and medical care which are beyond the individual's financial resources are provided through this program.

Assisted Living/Daily Living Support

We provide quality staff to assist people living independently in their own homes. Staff also serve to facilitate recreational activities and community-based events. These services have been developed to provide quality care to individuals who live at home with their parents or guardians, or who live independently with minimal supports. Habilitation Training Specialists serve to facilitate recreational activities and community based events.

Adult Companion Program

The companion program promotes normalcy and feeling of belonging. A person who is already familiar with our client or with their special needs is selected. They live together, sharing real life experiences and capitalize on incidental teaching opportunities as they arise. This program supports a less intrusive, less restrictive lifestyle.

Community Living

We would like to share with you some brief outlines and examples of various living possibilities that are currently being provided by Magna Developmental Disabilities Services.

Medication Distribution

Our Medication Distribution services enable us to respond quickly to any emergency or problem that requires immediate attention. At Magna Health Care ©, we offer around the clock medical home care services to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve. Contact us today and learn how you can benefit from our Medication Distribution services.

Respite Care

Our Respite Care services are provided in the home of the consumer for a 24-hour period. This service is designed to assist families in times of emergencies, vacations, and when family members need to be away from home.

Vocational Program

Our Vocational Program provides integrated employment and personalized educational development for all individuals regardless of disability.

Developmental Disabilities: Services
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